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OHare Parking Garage
Renovation Featured In Applicator Magazine

frontpageinstallers.pngWhen The Chicago Airport Authority looked for a company that could meet the demands of a parking structure built in 1970 and renovated in 2000 they wanted a solution that would be effective.  There was no point in installing another product with a short life cycle.  MM Systems was able to provide a product that met the criteria:  ADA requirements, watertight and leak-free, multidirectional movement, resistant to weather, ozone and ultraviolet radiation, chemical resistant from gasoline, oils, and deicing agents, absorb vehicle-impact loads from deflection, shed water, ice dirt and debris, resist snow-plow damage, resist abrasion and be fire rated where required by local codes.  With an innovative manufacturer that can design such a robust system to meet these requirements who would you select for your next project?  How can MM assist you with your design challenges?  (download full article here)

For more information about the system that was utilized click here.  (ASB System)