MM Systems Corporation is one of the most trusted and respected names in the architectural construction products industry. Founded upon The Golden Rule and a commitment to quality and service, our company delivers cutting edge materials and innovative design in our current product line.

Our total engineered solutions approach provides integrated system design, consultation and installation support to architects, engineers, and contractors. We proudly call that the MM way.    

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Dual Interlocking Hinge Series

The DIH Series is designed for expansion joint openings with the ability to provide a smooth and virtually impact-free transition between opposing floor surfaces in addition to accommodating heavy rolling loads and multi-directional seismic movement. The dual interlocking center slide plates are hinged to allow the system to remain flush with finished floor surface. The interlocking slide plate assembly utilizes three rubber anti-vibration dampers to eliminate any metal-to-metal noise and to resist the infiltration of liquids. more

Larry Michael Petree 2016 

LarryPetree.jpg For over 40 years Larry Petree has contributed to the construction community serving on various industry committees on fire barrier safety and standards for building codes.  He has served with MM Systems as an engineer and heading our research and development group.  His patented designs and contribution to product design and engineered solutions have helped countless thousands to have safer functioning buildings throughout the world.

Larry routinely fielded calls from architects and design professionals who needed assistance selecting appropriate expansion joint covers or fire barrier for use in their new designs or designing a transition from one system to another.  Larry’s last act of service to MM was assisting an architect on November 24th.  Larry fell ill and never recovered from the complications.  On February 3rd,  he went home to his eternal reward.   Larry will be missed by the MM Family.  His contribution to buildings around the world will be felt for years to come.

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Design By Building Type 

MM Systems recently launched a new Select by Building Type feature (see third column, above). Expansion joint cover selection and specification development can be perplexing, given the hundreds of size and style combinations to choose from.  MM Systems has reduced the myriad of choices by allowing users to search by building type. read more...


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Quality Expansion Joint Installation Begins with Factory Trained and Certified Installation Contractors

Thanks to all who joined us for our 2015 Contractor Certification College!

The key to quality expansion joint installation is process management, found in our SWRI validated training program. The MM Systems Global Network of Certified Contractors provides property owners the assurance that they are receiving a state of the art product and installation. Contact an MM Certified Contractor today!


MM Seismic Joints Protect New Hospitals in Chile From 8.4 Magnitude Earthquake


When project teams for Hospitals Maipú and La Florida near Santiago, Chile needed state-of-the art seismic joint solutions, MM was the obvious choice. Hospital Maipú incorporated Seismic Egress Portals, Seismic Recessed Wall and Seismic Roof Systems, while La Florida was outfitted with Seismic Moat Joints, all engineered to meet each project’s specific conditions & movement criteria. (read more)

Nashville's Music City Center wins Best Sports/Entertainment Award for 2013

The entire Nashville Music City Center project shows off the design possibilities of steel construction, while putting a spotlight on the engineering of “special profile” steel joists for dramatic aesthetic impact and cost savings. more

Renovation Featured In Applicator Magazine

2011 O'Hare Cover PhotoS.jpgFind out what industry professionals found when they looked for the best solution to a ten year old problem...  read more

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