Our Build Green Commitment

1960 was the year that Julian Attaway, the founder of MM Systems, dreamed of owning a manufacturing facility with a national and international sales presence and, of course, quality products and services that met the needs of an increasingly sophisticated construction market. Armed with this vision and a conviction that a business that treated its customers by the Golden Rule would surely prosper.

Times have changed since 1960, and now more than ever, companies need to join together to help protect our environment for future generations to come. So in the spirit of Julian's adoption of the Golden Rule, current President Mike Attaway has committed to expanding it to a complementary standard - the Green Rule - treat the environment the way we would like to leave it for the next generation and generations to come.

To accomplish this MM Systems has committed to fostering environmentally friendly green manufacturing practices to help meet present needs for sustainable construction products without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

As a start, we built a new manufacturing facility in 2001 and set aside a portion of our campus for a conservation area.

To remain on the cutting edge, MM Systems joined the US Green Building Council and other Eco-Friendly Organizations to partner with professionals and companies who are committed to the protection of the environment through the development and promotion of sustainable products and green building practices.

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